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Monday, November 21, 2016

11-21-2016 Mishpacha

I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the mishpacha of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

I suspect that anyone who has made an eventful trip, attended or served during a stirring event or visited an inspiring location has had the thought run through their mind, “How did the time go by so quickly? I want this moment to go on for a much longer time.”

Forgive me Savior, at the risk of drawing in too close, I suspect even you longed for more “physical” time with your earthly disciples and family, even knowing that by your ultimate actions, there will be eternal spiritual time to commune.

I’m in that wrestling moment now. We’re preparing to fly back to the States and, just as with last time I visited Your Land, Father, I feel more like I’m leaving home rather than going home. Just as with last time the length of our stay here has passed much too quickly. Yet this time, I’m feeling not only like I’m leaving behind my roots, but also significant people. People who have woven themselves into my heart in a way that can’t be separated.

My traveling companions are certainly a portion of that weaving, but there are more. People in Jerusalem who shared the depths of their historical knowledge, people in the Shamron who walked with us on the very paths of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who brought us to the very heights where those God Seekers and we experienced a very special touch from Your Spiritual finger.

We encountered others who have suffered in Your name and those who are sacrificing / offering their livelihoods at this moment to serve You and Your people. We even connected with beautiful ones who don’t even realize (yet) that they are Yours and You are their loving God.

I have only one word that seems to encompass this community that pervaded our hearts as we “Lived Israel”. The word is not even one I can claim as my own (you know, Jesus how I love to invent phrases). It’s a word passed on by a friend and it speaks to tight association, either by bloodline or through shared significant experiences.

The word in Hebrew is Mishpacha – Family.

You instruct us in Your word Father about the importance of honoring Family. You offer blessings to all families throughout the world who honor Your family, and curses to those who would curse your chosen ones.

Which brings me to my point, Lord. I am leaving family here, brand new members of our family I didn’t even know before arriving. I’m leaving them not by choice, but by necessity. I should be sad, but I’m not. I’ll miss them. Many of them I’ll converse with by email and many I hope to see again soon.

What is important is that I carry their stories with me and share them with my family a world away. You have shown me that part of my purpose, according to you, is to connect my family roots, not by way of the worldwide web but by interlacing our commonality via Your Spiritual web. I want to be obedient to your call to restore what is in danger of being lost in this modern era. I will follow your calling on me to bring attention to your people, their common desire of joining hands to honor You, to serve You and one another in time of need, in time of worship and in time of fellowship – the true components of Godly Mishpacha.

Wow, I realize, Father, that my Mishpacha is growing because You are blessing me as I bless those I meet in Jerusalem, all of Samaria and to the ends of the Earth. I hope the ends of the Earth are ready to hear about their amazing Mishpacha of Israel. I pray they are ready to respond to the calls for unity, understanding and concern, and to serve those of their Mishpacha who are in dire need.

But whether they are ready to hear it or not. You, Lord have spoken and so, I will shout your message to my…OUR Mishpacha and beyond.

Mark C.

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